Defense Projects:

Joint Tactical Air Command Virtual Training Facility Fort Irwin In/Out Processing Center Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) Administration Building 4859 Security Forces Building Addition & Renovation San Xavier Cooperative Farm Administration Building TSSC A-10 Facility Navy Operations Support Center (NOSC) SAP (School Age Program) Facility

Veterans Administration Facility

Space Command Center - Peterson AFB

Luke AFB Training Facility Bldg 936

Davis-Monthan AFB - Hangar 5430 358th AMU

Luke AFB Bldg 945 Warehouse, SCIF renovation

Luke AFB - Hangar 920 Gun Vault AMU

Davis-Monthan AFB - Hangar 1447 355th AMU

Davis-Monthan AFB - Hangar 1750 943rd MXS

Davis-Monthan AFB Haeffner Gym renovation 2505

Luke AFB - F35 Maintenance Hangar Bldg 915


WSM has successfully completed over 150 military and government facilities in numerous locations. We have expertise in providing assessment of existing facilities and determining the space needs for future planning. This includes looking at how an existing facility may be re-purposed for improved functionality. Our broad experience will ensure consideration of the varying needs of each department or unit. Expertise in military and government facilities, dormitories, community commons, communication centers, administration, maintenance, and sustainment projects, and the specific design requirements necessary, will support your personnel in conducting the activities of base service in an effective and secure environment.