Santa Cruz Police Substation

Client: City of Tucson
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Size: 3,200 SF
Expansion and renovation of this Police Substation was required to address the changing needs of the community and support the police force. This expansion project called for a new meeting room for public use and accessibility for both police department and the Southside Ward Five Council Member. Additional locker space was required to accommodate the current staff. Separate circulation paths between the public and internal police functions were provided to address several issues: A solution to resolve severe deficiencies in fire rated separation for the holding area; A sight and sound separation between juvenile and adult holding to meet the guidelines and standards for juvenile detention. Failure to address these issues presented a potential risk for prisoner(s) and a liability for the City of Tucson. All improvements were designed to be durable as well as functional to support this high traffic facility used 24 hours a day.