Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) Administration Building 4859

Client: Davis Monthan Air Force Base
Location: Davis Monthan Air Force Base - Tucson, Arizona
Size: 14,000 SF
Design and renovation/repair of Facility 4859. The project includes but is not limited to the following principal items: demolition of windows, doors and hardware, walls, ceilings, flooring, existing finishes, plumbing fixtures, mechanical and electrical systems; new interior partitions, enhanced window construction, new doors and hardware, new ceilings; folding panel partitions; new plumbing fixtures and restroom accessories; new cabinetry, sinks and countertops; all new interior finishes, signage and other specialties, new HVAC system, new interior and exterior lighting and power; modification of the existing fire suppression system, new communication and fire alarm/mass notification system. Building is occupied by 355th Logistics Readiness Squadron (355 LRS) and will continue to be occupied by 355 LRS after renovation. The renovation includes all areas within the administrative section of the building with limited work in the warehouse area. Renovation includes but is not limited to offices, corridors, storage areas, training rooms, holding areas, restrooms, mechanical rooms, mechanical yard, and electrical and communication rooms. Anti-terrorism and Force Protection (AT/FP) Requirements are included.