Land Lab Renovation & Addition

Client: Amphitheater Unified School District
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Size: 5,356 SF
This project included an expansion and partial renovation to the Land Lab (El Hogar) building. The El Hogar Alternative school has students from middle and high school age from the Amphitheater school district. Students not only work on academic learning, but also develop life skills on this campus. The existing building was a metal building with a large covered patio. 3000 sq ft of patio area was in-filled to contain a computer room, office, storage room and maintenance shop. 680 sq. ft. of existing maintenance shop was remodeled to be a new lab. The new addition includes a 1350 sq. ft. classroom accommodating 30 students with computer access at each seat and a 1010 sq. ft. maintenance shop with room for 4 work benches, to teach vocational skills. The remodel includes a 680 sq. ft. new lab space for 4 workbenches for students to study samples from the farm animals. The new exterior walls were covered with metal panels to match the existing construction. Downspouts were rerouted to direct rainwater towards 2 water harvesting cisterns. The cisterns will contain up to 1680 gallons each. Water can be used for gardening of washing down the surrounding animal pens.