Fort Irwin In/Out Processing Center

Client: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
Location: Fort Irwin, California
Size: 47,700 SF
The historic Garrison HQ Building was renovated to achieved LEED Silver Certification. The Title I Design SRM $9.2 million project was to renovate and repair the 47,700 SF Garrison Headquarters (Building 237) which serves as the office headquarters for the Base command staff and includes an Incident Operations Center. This project gutted most of the existing building to create a new Garrison Headquarters along with an open-storage rated security area, conference space and an Incident Operations Center. At the In/Out Processing Center the first floors of six buildings that previously housed multiple single bedroom dorms per building were gutted and renovated into offices. Building 109 was previously a mixed-use commons building with a recording studio and was renovated into offices with new 3,700 SF addition to be used as a large meeting room. Site was also modified with new accessible walks and parking. The Garrison Headquarters had a seven month time frame for design and construction, requiring multiple fast-track construction packages