Palo Verde High School - Performing Arts Theater

Client: Tucson Unified School District No. 1
Location: Tucson, Arizona
The existing 1,300-seat Auditorium was a gem of a theater. It has a 50-foot high fly-loft, and excellent acoustics, since during the 1960s; it was home to the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. The project provided an ADA accessible theater environment for both students and audience members alike. The theater interiors were renovated with the goal to maintain the existing functional and architectural character of the theater. The project included new theatrical lighting, sound, and curtains. It added a fly bridge to the theater for improved functionality and safety. The theatrical control booth was relocated to the center of the house, and all new seats were provided, which also addressed an issue of acoustical performance when the theater audience was not present. The Performing Arts Classroom Building consists of the Band and Choral classrooms, and a Little Theater Drama Workshop. The upgrades will provide more functional, safe, organized and aesthetically enhanced classroom environments. Adequate storage (for musical instruments, costumes and props) and a new music library have been integrated into the plan. Finishes and equipment will be upgraded throughout to refresh the interiors of the Classrooms.