Defense Projects:

Joint Tactical Air Command Virtual Training Facility Fort Irwin In/Out Processing Center Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) Administration Building 4859 Security Forces Building Addition & Renovation San Xavier Cooperative Farm Administration Building TSSC A-10 Facility Navy Operations Support Center (NOSC) SAP (School Age Program) Facility

Veterans Administration Facility

Space Command Center - Peterson AFB

Luke AFB Training Facility Bldg 936

Davis-Monthan AFB - Hangar 5430 358th AMU

Luke AFB Bldg 945 Warehouse, SCIF renovation

Luke AFB - Hangar 920 Gun Vault AMU

Davis-Monthan AFB - Hangar 1447 355th AMU

Davis-Monthan AFB - Hangar 1750 943rd MXS

Davis-Monthan AFB Haeffner Gym renovation 2505

Luke AFB - F35 Maintenance Hangar Bldg 915

TSSC A-10 Facility

Client: Davis Monthan Air Force Base
Location: Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona
Size: 11,500 SF
This facility houses the development of software for, as well as the fabrication of, A-10 flight simulators for the U.S.A.F. It includes full-surround simulators, as well as forward vision cockpit simulators. The project includes construction of approximately 11,150 square feet of new building. A pre-engineered metal building with a masonry and stucco exterior, the northern portion will house offices and training and development areas, and the south portion will be a 3,600 square foot warehouse. There is a new controlled access to a loading area on the east side of the southern warehouse portion.